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Moving Across the Pond

New York, Travel, Winter Style

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It’s finally happened! New York isn’t just a figure of my imagination or a movie set- it’s real and it’s as vibrant as I expected.

Moving somewhere considered the greatest city on earth on your own, and without having ever even visited sounds more daunting than it is. To begin with finding an apartment was tough, much tougher than I had expected, but after having done some research (a lot) and reaching out to some people here, I soon managed to find a place. This was with viewing a tonne of places which were nowhere near good for the money and then almost giving up entirely and reserving a bench in Central Park. I now have myself a cosy little room in Williamsburg for a couple of months, and then another waiting for me in East Village for the remaining months of my stay. This was thanks to getting myself added onto groups such as the Janelle’s List, and Gypsy Housing NYC on Facebook. Many also suggested Craigslist which I had no luck with, it’s over-ridden with scams and hopeful photos of shitty apartments. Airbnb was great too, it’s worth firing out a few messages to see if anybody will strike you a deal for a long-term stay! These are all great ways to avoid spending thousands on broker fees if you’re only staying for a few months.

So, my first week was mainly spent going from Uptown to Downtown, West to East and Brooklyn looking for a place to live, but I have managed to check out a few places nearby my short-term Airbnb apartment in the Lower East Side (I have myself a local already, Spritzers has 80 craft beers and tasty food all day. I’m sold!). People are generally friendly around here, and bars and cafe’s are cosy and food tends to be good anywhere you go. It’s super young and so far everyone I’ve met are here doing what they love and have a lot of interesting things to say.

It’s pretty freezing in comparison to London so exploring only lasts about 15 minutes before a coffee stop is needed to warm up- but I guess I’m going to find the best cuppa that way!

I haven’t discovered any local boutiques or brands yet…any suggestions?