Bermondsey Beer Mile

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A Saturday day time can be quite manic in London, but not at the Maltby Street Market. Tucked in under the train line through Bermondsey, this market pops up every weekend offering local food alongside the many breweries and distilleries which call this place home. It’s a great trip with friends and it’s never too busy- allowing you to have a relaxing time trying out new beers, wines and gin! Jensens gin is distilled here, and they offer a range of mixed up g&t cocktails as well as pre-mixed bottles to take away (definitely a favourite of mine being a gin girl). Then you can follow a trail of breweries and sit on abandoned sofas surrounded by fairy lights, and find yourself in a great conversation full of beer.

I will give a tip though- dress cosy during the winter months! This is all outdoors or in garages, but definitely worth layering up for a visit.




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