Beach to clear your mind

Beach, Dubai, Winter Style

Winter sunshine is even better than the summer. Having a tan during the months of November to February is almost an aim for me, I feel slightly cosier by not embracing the pale and taking a break.

My recent trip to visit my family and friends in Dubai was possibly the most relaxed trip I’ve made yet. I literally just caught up on reading and lay by the pool or at the beach in 35 degrees every day. Desert in November…yes please.

In Dubai there’s a tonne of beaches to choose from, and I’ve tried out beach clubs, public beaches, and private beaches- but sometimes just a bit of beach which hasn’t been manipulated in any way is just exactly what you need to relax. Away from the masses and cafes, just sand and sea and the sunset. This is what they call ‘Black Palace’ beach as it’s in between the ‘palaces’ on Al Sufouh Road. You can just drive your car down onto the beach and set up camp for the afternoon. In my case I like to pop down around 2:30 and hang out until the sun sets at 6. It doesn’t get better!


A few bits I never fail to take with me to the beach include an extra cover up, usually in the form of a shirt. This one is the linen boyfriend shirt by Grana, it’s unbelievably light and soft. I also obviously take a purse, and a pouch with suncream, lip balm, trusty ipod and a good book. A few snacks and a huge bottle of water also don’t go a miss!

During my stay I found a cute sandal brand called Twins – they are amazingly comfortable for wandering around in the heat all day due to being so light and having no nasty buckles to dig into your ankles. A lovely lady called Mathilde sells these from her boat house in a delightful range of prints and colours. My mum nearly has them all…and I want them all too.

One more thing I am loving is high waisted swimwear, I don’t think I’ll be going back to those little skimps any time soon. The high waist makes you feel ultra feminine and it’s perfect to stay modest in the Middle East. One more thing which is handy in the desert is a floaty jumpsuit, I have this cute piece I call my ‘Aladdin’ jumpsuit (due to the side splits), it’s by Jen’s Pirate Booty.

I’m hoping to get myself back out to Dubai for New Year before I move to New York in January- it’s all happening!



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