High Rise

Autumn Style, London

October…probably the last month you can wear your leather without a jumper or an extra layer before winter hits- and I’m getting as much out of it as I can! The perfect casual combination involves denim and a white t-shirt, and the biker ties in perfectly. When I was 16 I saved all of my wages from my part-time job and bought this leather from Zara, which thankfully has aged really well and is still my number 1. I love it more than any other item of clothing I own.

I tend to struggle to find jeans which fit well due to not having much in the hip department, but I think I’ve now found a few brands which do the job just great. These are the new high rise jeans by Grana, super stretchy and fit like a glove. They’re sized slightly bigger so its recommended to go one size down from your usual waist size, which not only makes the perfect fit but also makes you feel fab! This Japenese denim is made using a mix of traditional and modern techniques, producing a lovely soft material in a range of unique washes. You can read into detail about how they make it here!

denim2 denim3 denim4IMG_4516IMG_4533IMG_4527



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