Cosy Copenhagen

Autumn Style, Travel

Bikes, fashion, beer and candles…Copenhagen had all we needed!

I spent a few days in this city last weekend and it was so refreshing to see style as distinctive and innovative in a city which is rather, well…relaxing. A nice change from London that’s for sure. This place was great to wander around- or cycle, which seems to be the main mode of transport- and hang out in cosy cafes and bars.

Our Air Bnb was great again and completely different from my last trip. It portrayed the city in the light I had hoped for- full of personality, art and music. It was simplistic but full of character, and our hosts clearly had an eye for design and comfort. Air Bnb is so exciting, you must give it a go if you want to really explore wherever it is you’re visiting. Who knows better than those who live there themselves? The concept is all based on trust, so I feel like you’re only going to meet good people if they’re willing to give up their home for a complete stranger.

One of my favourite things to do is find food, coffee and alcohol (I’m Scottish after all), and Copenhagen had so much to offer. We first tried out a place called Sliders who are frying up mini burgers and golden chips by the lake, and then Warpigs over at the meat packing district. Zeppelin blared from a craft beer bar whilst they threw pulled pork and steak onto trays for you to share. Amazing.

Coffee was a must, and after hearing so much about Coffee Collective we figured it would be the best, and it was. The coffee was delicious and the house we went to on a street called Jægersborggade was surrounded by cafes and small stores selling products from plants, to clothes, to gin. It was quiet and local, and blocked in by trees from the Assistens Cemetery.

Mikkeller was of course on the list, and it was maybe the cosiest bar I’ve been to yet. You pretty much climb in through the windows down to find tiny candle lit tables, a welcoming atmosphere and tasty beer. Everywhere seemed to give the impression that Copenhagen does winter very well…

However, the thing that got myself and my best friend most excited was the shopping… Fashion brands coming out of Denmark, and Nordic countries in general, are all about quality basics with a touch of something interesting. Which is what I love. Less is more! It was refreshing to see so many of my favourite brands displayed in their own stores rather than on a website. We ran around Samsoe & Samsoe like it was Christmas.

Overall, I really loved our short trip and felt completely relaxed and inspired when I returned to London. Is that not why we all leave now and then in the first place?

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