CitizenM: London Bankside

London, Review

You won’t find room service in this hotel, but you will feel more at home than you could ever imagine. The small team are there to be your friends if you’d like them to be, and they each strive to make your stay as effortless and relaxing as possible.


Checking in and out is easy peasy. Just a click to enter and a scan of a card and you’re good to go. You then enter the lobby which is a stylish living room armed with books in every category. The design aspect of this hotel is quite refreshing.

The bar is open 24/7, as well as the food area. I really like the way you can just help yourself here, so there’s no waiting around for a table or good food. The beer is hand picked or locally crafted and much of the food is provided by Borough Market- which is awesome for visitors to the city to get the chance to try out some of our local produce.




Top & Trousers – Topshop. Sunglasses- ASOS. Slip ons – Vans.

IMG_4001 IMG_4002


IMG_4016IMG_4036 IMG_4042

Each room is exactly the same- so you won’t find an executive suite for 1. Everyone in CitizenM is equal. The bed is the size of the end of the room with a large window matching the wall to wall length. You can control everything from the tablet they provide, including free movies, music, lighting and mood settings. And apart from the bed being dreamy, I love the shower pod which is lit by whatever colour you’d like. I had a pink shower and Ross had a disco.

CitizenM do provide a pretty filling breakfast, but on this occasion I took a wander along to The Breakfast Club. Which you’ll find me chatting about over on CitizenMag very soon!

IMG_3993IMG_4045 IMG_4046 IMG_4059 IMG_4060

The cocktails are dangerous, but this company never fails to put a smile on my face. Keep a look out for their new hotel which will soon pop up in Shoreditch, I hear a rooftop area might be on the cards…


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