City in the Sand

Dubai, Style, Summer Style

So my time in Dubai is rapidly becoming further away… which is slightly depressing but nonetheless it’s exciting to be back in London! This trip I really did do a lot of chilling, pina coladas, shawarmas and lunch dates, but overall I just let myself feel at home surrounded by good friends and family- and the sunshine!

Dubai took me a little while to get used to when my family first relocated, but I’ve now grown to call it home and I love the city more than ever. But what’s not to love? Perfect beaches, pools, bars, malls and endless sunshine (almost) ticks most peoples boxes when looking for a great life style or holiday location. However, it’s not all as ‘glamorous’ as it can be made out to be. The fantastic buildings in this city don’t come from out of nowhere… so I went along with a local group of neighbours to cheer up some (1000) men who are building a new school, by giving them a free lunch. Long working hours in the soaring heat can’t be the best of fun, but this small group are doing an amazing job trying to make their days a bit better, and I’m so thankful to have been asked to help them out! Putting a smile on hundreds of faces made my turbulent, slightly traumatising night flight all worth it.

IMG_3365 IMG_3383 IMG_3369 IMG_3406

3 Things to do in Dubai:

1. Desert Safari

Aside from helping around the city, I also visited the desert for a traditional barbecue and entertainment one evening. I maybe ate just as much sand as I did food, but the grit is worth the trip. UAE sunsets in the desert are something you should see if you get the chance.

Arabian Nights Tours do a brilliant tour which the whole family can enjoy- including Dune Bashing, Camel rides, Henna painting, dinner and sand surfing. It’s amazing fun!

IMG_3614IMG_36252. The Jumeirah Mosque

This is a brilliant way to gain an understanding of the traditional culture in Dubai. It was such a peaceful experience, and the Mosque is beautiful! It will only cost you 10 AED per person, and there’s a tour every morning. Highly recommended!IMG_3867

IMG_38373. The Dubai Mall

And finally, It would have been a crime if I didn’t visit the ‘shoe zone’ in the Dubai Mall… which is close to heaven.

This is the largest mall in the world and it’s still expanding. You’ll find everything from highstreet to high end; as well as restaurants, cafes, a skating rink, a cinema and an indoor aquarium. My favourite space is Fashion Avenue, and the outdoor area has a water fountain show every evening at the bottom on the Burj Khalifa.


IMG_3719IMG_3724I wish I could turn 21 again and again…

IMG_3736 IMG_3790



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