LFW: Somerset House

London, London Fashion Week

This saturday my friend and I went down to Somerset House to see what was going on! As usual it was exciting and inspiring to see so many people dressed up and trying to get snapped by as many bloggers and magazines as they can.

IMG_3150 IMG_3151 IMG_3156 IMG_3158 IMG_3191IMG_3159 LFW_blog_5 LFW_blog_9 IMG_3201

LFW_blog_13          IMG_3200         IMG_3206         LFW_blog_6


(How amazing is the first outfit? I literally can’t cope with how much I want her bag and wide trousers)

I always dress how I feel that morning, and I felt like just wearing black and my biker jacket (it’d been too long without it!) so that was how it was. However, no matter how you dress to head down to Somerset House you will probably always feel a lot less cool than the stylish models and bloggers running around in Chanel and Valentino with a Celine bag in hand. (Very jealous!) But I also really enjoy seeing how people dress up the high street, it fills your head with ideas of new ways to reinvent your wardrobe with what you already have- and isn’t that what it’s all about? It’s definitely how you dress rather than how much it costs, but a luxury item here and there does add a huge amount of excitement so if you ask me, getting the balance right is the way to do it.


LFW_blog_2 LFW_blog_3

This is my lovely friend Jo- my uni and gym bestie- looking fab as always. She adds the right amount of quirk to her style which is always super interesting and cute. Love her!





Then we were feeling the cold- well, I was because I wasn’t in my fur coat oops- so we hopped across to the ME hotel for a coffee on the rooftop. One of my favourite spots in London!




Next weekend we’re heading to London Fashion Weekend for a show and some shopping- which I’m sure I’ll have a post about next Sunday evening!


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