Less burger, first lobster!

Food, London

So, in my 20 little years I have surprisingly never tried lobster. Not one tiny little bite! Which made me extremely excited to try out Burger & Lobster, because 1. I love burgers, and 2. the never having tried lobster before thing.

‘Fortunately’ they had a technical fault of some sort and burgers had been cancelled for the evening so it was lobster or nothing!

There was a suitable selection of cocktails under cute headings such as “soft shells” and “lobster cocktails” which were delicious, and the best part was that we had 2 meal options- a lobster roll or a full lobster- each at £20. (Usually there’s a burger meal included).

B&L_Blog_1 b&L_blog_4 b&L_blog_9

b&l_blog_6 b&L_blog_12 b&L_blog_11  b&L_blog_10 b&L_blog_13


b&L_blog_16b&L_blog_18 b&L_blog_19

I absolutely loved it…sorry bank account (and burgers), lobster, chips and champagne is now my favourite.





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