1960’s Fashion Icon: Mary Quant

University Post


Mary Quant (OBE) opened her store Bazaar on the Kings Road in 1955, with the intention to create affordable fashion for the young. Quant more than succeeded in this intention, and it resulted in the birth of the ‘mod’ era, participated in the ‘Swinging Sixties’ scene in London, and spread Mary Quant’s name worldwide.


Mary Quant Autobiography

Mary Quant Autobiography


Colourful. Young. Short.



Maryq bazaar

Mini-skirts outside of Bazaar.

mq daisy vogue

Vogue Issue- late 60’s.

 Mary didn’t ‘invent’ the mini skirt- but she did create the name ‘mini-skirt’ after her favourite car, the Mini.

mini car


mini dress qunt
Twiggy- one of the first supermodels- was a standard representation of Mary Quant.


Quant Expanded her product range

Boots and show

First mass-produced waterproof mascara.

First mass-produced waterproof mascara.

MAryQ makeup photoshop



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