Dubai / Culottes!

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Hi!Two weeks ago I managed to get out to Dubai to visit my family! It was a week of malls, ladies night (free booze yipee), lunches, bouncing (check out BOUNCE), and lazing by the pool or the beach. It was really relaxing as well as grounding to be able to spend time with my immediate family again. (oh, and Dubai is always amazing which is a plus!)Here I am sporting the culotte and the ‘all white’ trend while I still can. Autumn trends seem to be moving in fast on London which I’m happy about- but I needed just one more week of Summer before I could fully commit. (Saying that, I can’t wait to  buy a new coat, a pair of ankle boots, and  some good old leather trousers!)Also, before I love you and leave you! A few weekends ago at Anthropologie we had the amazing Florence Balducci hanging out in our window and drawing all over the place. Balducci’s monochrome designs are mainly inspired by her love for animals. Her illustrations personify the creatures (anthropomorphism!) bringing her pictures to life.

She reminded me of being a child and drawing on my window with glass markers, however she was a lot better than I ever was!

Ciao for now xxx


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