LFW SS15 / End of Summer / Long Post

London Fashion Week

Shorts and bag- Zara ; Top- Second Female ; Shoes- &Other Stories ; Sunglasses – Zero UV
So instead of travelling to Ibiza, Thailand, or some other exotic country like every student other than myself seemed to be spending their summer- I worked at Anthropologie on Regent Street and interned for a company called SYNERGY Events Boston. On average 50 hours a week- but all was good!
In the end I managed to work from my own back and have a lot of involvement with organising the Emerging Trends show (nearly everything internship releated was all on me and a best friend of mine) which SYNERGY host in London  during September Fashion Week. This was their 3rd go at it, and I feel rather accomplished after it all. Photos are to follow!
Firstly, I went along to London Fashion Week with my friend Last Friday and we so wished we had turned up looking a bit more glam than we had, but none the less I love my new top from my new favourite brand Second Female. It’s a Scandinavian brand and everyone must get onto it, now! I now have 4 items from them and love every one. I also borrowed my friends duster coat from Topshop- which I am missing from my wardrobe immensely! 😦
I saw this girl in a matching suit and now I will not be happy until I have a similar version in my life (perhaps not in mustard but you get the jist). There’s a few other snaps I took whilst walking around;


Interning for the entire summer from home was difficult, but worth it in the end! I now have a good idea of how to plan an event and the effort it takes for it to be successful. I was running around with a radio telling too many people what to do whilst also being shouted at for not being quick enough at the jobs I had to do myself (which were being announced every minute)- stressful to say the least.
A low down of the company: SYNERGY help emerging designers show their collections in New York, Boston and London without having to plan the entire event themselves. They pay a fee which inclues venue, models, hair and make-up, photogtaphers etc- and only the designs are down to them!
This year the designers who showed at our event included:
  • Naveda Couture (USA)
  • Anya Liesnik (Germany)
  • Shefali Couture (Dubai)
  • Fleur Kelinza (UK) with Stefan Meuwisen
  • Azzurra  (India)
  • Prieston (Hungary)
  • Leonora Asomanin (UK)
  • Capital T by Tertia Enda (Indonesia)
Leonora Asomanin
Nevada Couture
Anya Lieksnik
Anya Liesnik
Anya Liesnik

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